I’m Banakin! I am an American web developer that has a passion for coding. I also love to play video games. As of right now, my favorite game has been Fortnite but I play a variety of different games. I also generally play on PC but sometimes I’ll play on console. As for my coding skills, I’ve got plenty. I have become very good at HTML and CSS and I’m also fairly good at JavaScript, Python, and PHP. If you would like an example as to what I can do, you’re looking at it right now! I have coded this entire website on my own without he help of a framework. For some more examples, head over to my projects page.



PricePoint lets you view your favorite cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.

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QR Code Generator

Generate QR Codes for whatever you need.



An Open Sourced Python twitter bot that auto Retweets tweets.

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