I like drawing but it's not my passion, but this is and I would like to incorporate it into the furry fandom if I could. I've been making websites for a couple of years although I'm new to making them for people. Also, I am still in school and that comes before anything else so most work will be done on weekends and Friday and Saturday are good days to commission me so I have time. But if I don't make it within about month I will refund you and drop the commission because there is probably a reason that I can't do it.

Commission status:

--- Open ---

Commission info is also on Furry Amino!

You are expected to have read the terms of service before commissioning me!


I have not had a commission yet so these will most likely change over time

1. I accept PayPal and if you have another way of payment you would like to use I may consider it but it's never gaurenteed that I will accept it. I also will only start work after you pay (Unless otherwise stated) and I won't necessarily work fast, all depends on timing.

2. No NSFW, illegal, etc. stuff please and if this is the case I have the right to deny the site or any other commission for that matter.

3. I will accept text descriptions but you will have to allow for some freedom on my part but I prefer mockups but I will only allow for one redo per commission.

4. If you would like to cancel a commission please contact me asap and we can work out refunds and such.

5. If you go hunting though the code please keep the comments that say that I made the site. They will probably look like this: <!-- Made by Ray https://banakin.net -->

6. If an issue that comes up that is not listed here I we will work it out and I will update this page.


Pricing may fluctuate over time and these are just example prices, not definite prices although it should probably be around these prices. Also, the site will be made with Bootstrap unless otherwise specified (This allows for cheaper and faster development)

Simple one page website -- $5

This tho of website is like an about me page where there is no nav bar an it's all on one page with a profile pic and a bio.

Simple multi-page/complex one page website -- $10

A couple of pages without too much content or a really long and complex one page website.

Complex multi-page website -- $15

Like this website although this was not made with Bootstrap and you may have a little more content on your pages.

Super Complex website -- Get a quote

This probably would be like if you asked me to make some form of login based thing, asked for a built in shop, ect. or something complicated which I have never done before. Example, my app Price Point because that took a couple of months to make and it was something I havent done before. It's made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so I can do some apps too but I will use Framework7 if you ask for this.

Thanks for reading, I don't have anything for a public commission que yet and if you are interested in commissioning me just DM me on twitter or email me at banakin9@gmail.com.